About Olde Magick Shoppe

Welcome to the Olde Magick Shoppe

~Our Mission~

“Our mission at the Olde Magick Shoppe is to bring magick into our families lives. To support and bring love and wisdom to our fellow witches and those looking for the magick. To bring the craft and ancient arts into modern society.
 ~Our Story~ 
There is no exact time and space I could pin down that the Olde Magick Shoppe came into existence. Maybe it was way back when I purchased my first clear quartz at 10, maybe when I first started crafting magickal items for family and friends, maybe even my first markets where I was so nervous no one would like our goods. I know it has evolved over the years into this amazing magickal presence in my life. As a solitary witch, it has allowed me to connect, share and learn with the wider magickal community. I hope it brings you closer to the divine, to the folk and to the magick. I hope our products become part of rituals, your practice and your home. I hope when you receive your goods you feel the magick I send with it.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
hello @ oldemagickshoppe.com.au 
0408 436 188