The Magick of Love

 Are you looking for a simple and innocent love spell to attract a new partner, or a lusty spell to bring some extra passion into your life? Maybe you would like to renew the passion and commitment of an existing relationship. There are many magickal objects which can help you focus your energies and work into your written spells, dolls, charms, amulets, potions, or rituals.


Crystals for Love

There are many crystals which can assist when you are seeking romantic love, Divine love, or simply the love of friendship.  Crystals for love can also support your own emotional healing and self-love. Some crystals can help you resolve patterns that block love and create new patterns that support healthy connection and stable relationships.


Carnelian is a stone of the sacral chakra. It assists in activating creativity, sensuality, confidence, and the passion within you.  Carnelian is said to ignite the fires of passion and lust. It is also used to release your emotional attachment to the past.

Garnet is known as the Stone of Awakening. The fiery nature of Garnet is said to activate the Kundalini. One of the most powerful stones for attraction, Garnet can be used to call in a new lover, enhance current relationships with new passion and interest, and connect you with your sensual, sexual self.

Rhodonite opens the heart chakra is used to stimulates emotional balance. Rhodonite teaches you how to open your heart to love, generosity, and self-recognition. It is said to be a heart-centered crystal which inspires forgiveness and compassion in romantic relationships. Rhodonite is used to cultivate a loving exchange of passionate sexual energy, and to assist in achieving tantric union.

Rose Quartz is known as the quintessential stone for love energy and compassion. Offering a gentle frequency Rose Quartz activates the heart chakra and raises your auric vibration so you may completely embrace unconditional love for family, friends, lovers, and yourself.

This is not an extensive list, you may wish to add your own. You may find some crystals will resonate with you more than others.

In order to invoke a crystals influence on your goal is to hold it in your hands, and awaken their energy by envisioning the passion, romance, and sensuality you wish to attract.

You may use the crystal in a spell jar, place it in your home or simply carry the crystals with you as you go through your day. For advanced work, meditate while holding the crystal, or place it under your pillow so the energy aligns with you as you sleep.